Dec 1, 2015

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Finding the Right Honda Auto Insurance for You

auto insuranceMaybe you’ve been working towards saving for that beautiful sports car you’ve always dreamed of and are finally able to drive it off the lot. Or maybe you’re driving the perfect van that has all the bells and whistles a mom of five could want. Regardless of what type of car you drive, that car shouldn’t have to cost you a small fortune to insure.

Understanding insurance is important for anyone who needs to be insured, which is most of us. Knowing what types of premiums are good for the car you drive is just as important as what type of gas you put in the tank. So by doing a little research, you can find the perfect insurance company for you, one that is run by people just like yourself who understand the value of money and don’t like to be taken advantage of.

Of course, insurance companies will take into consideration your driving record. If they see speeding ticket after speeding ticket, that new sports car might not be in your best financial interest to get. But if you’re a good driver with a solid, clean driving record, there’s no reason you should be paying a high premium.

You should be able to feel comfortable with your Ontario car insurance company and have an insurance broker who understands your needs and one who can best address those needs. From deductibles to coverage, you should understand everything your policy covers. If you have questions or concerns, you should be able to pick up the phone and call your broker who can address any issues you may have.

When you feel comfortable with your insurance broker and know you’re paying a fair amount for insurance, it can make driving your car even more fun. So do some comparison, find a broker you’re comfortable with, and remember to keep up the good driving to keep those premiums low.

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Nov 6, 2015

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Prelude 1990 Year Model Was On The Best In It’s Generation!

On April 9, 1987, the third-generation Prelude was launched in the Japanese national marketplace and released later that year globally, being an 1988 version in North America. Featuring evolutionary styling from its forerunner, it shared design clues in the Honda NSX that will be introduced later in 1989. The Prelude featured advanced features for the time including a 0.34 drag coefficient, roof columns made of high-strength alloy and its signature attribute, the accessible choice of the worlds first mechanical four wheel steering system accessible in a mass production passenger car .

For benchmark, the 1988 Chevrolet Corvette C4 took the exact same path at 64.9 miles per hour (104.4 km/h).

The Prelude was Wheels magazines Automobile of the Year for 1987.
As well as the facelift, a fresh Prelude version was introduced to the Japanese national market, the Prelude INX, which featured frozen headlights as well as a front fascia much like the modern Honda Legend coup as well as the Honda Accord of an identical period of time. The facelift coincided with changes to North American illumination demands in America and Canada, and a better focus on security was offered with available anti-lock brakes and an accessible drivers side airbag only offered on Japanese versions.

The leading fender on the revised Prelude was also altered to feature clear signs as well as a revised parking lamp layout. A lot of the interior components were revised, for example, dashboard bezel, the door handle and window switches. The Japanese model of the Si using the B20A was rated 140 HP using the JDM engine and was rated for 37 MPG.

A fresh engine was offered, a modified edition of the B20 called the B21A1, drilled to 83 mm (3.3 in) with a complete displacement of 2056 cc creating up to 145 hp (108 kW) and featuring a special cylinder lining featuring FRM (fiber reinforced alloy) that’s reported to be incredibly demanding. This causes early piston ring wear leading to extremely high oil ingestion.
The fuel-injected 2.0Si became the entry level Prelude version, being supplanted by a new Si version with the B21A1 engine, offering 4WS or ABS (called ALB) as alternatives.

Honda released the Prelude SiStates in 1990 as a Japanese national marketplace special version, this automobile proved to be a small production run and quite few were constructed. It featured four wheel steering system, ABS, limited slip differential, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever, additional sound deadening on the firewall and hood, back windscreen wiper and washer, and additional attributes that have been generally alternatives. In addition, it featured a altered B21A engine rated at 145 bhp (108 kW) that was just made for the SiStates. This version was only available with automatic transmission.

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Nov 6, 2015

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First Honda Prelude Overview

The Honda Prelude is a sports coup which was made by Japanese automaker Honda from 1978 until 2001. The two door coup was loosely based on the Honda Accord and crossed five generations. The Prelude was utilized by Honda to introduce the Japanese Honda retail sales chain called Honda Verno, together with the Prelude just introduced later globally.

Prelude adversaries traditionally included the Toyota Celica, the Nissan Silvia and also the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Creation of the Prelude closed in 2001 upon the debut of the Honda Integra DC5.
Honda-Prelude_Si-1992-1600-02 (1)

Prelude Power – Honda Prelude

On November 24, 1978, the Prelude was found. In Japan it was just offered at the recently recognized car dealer sales channel Honda Verno. This car dealer chain additionally introduced the entrylevel Honda Quint, the Honda Ballade, as well as the Accord-established Honda Vigor as its biggest sedan and hatchback. At 4,090 mm (length) x 1,635 mm (width) x 1290 mm (height), it’d rather a low and broad profile. The wheelbase was 2,320 mm, and was 60 millimeters shorter than that of the first Accord. The Prelude (and interval Accord) were the first autos under two litres for conventional power steering.

The Prelude was the first Honda version to supply a power moonroof as standard gear, which finally became a Prelude brand. In Japan, the Prelude was accessible using a sliding metal sunroof, while US variants received a glass top which freed up more headroom.

First reviews for the Prelude were favorable. It’s, wrote Brock Yates for Motor Trend, by any rational measurement, a magnificent car. The machine, like all Hondas, embodies manufacturing that’s, for me, surpassed only by the slimmest of margins by Mercedes Benz. It’s a comparatively strong small auto by anybodys standards. Motor Trend measured an early Prelude finishing the quarter mile in 18.8 seconds at 70 miles per hour.
honda-prelude-v-bb-[3491] (1)
It stayed the only engine available for many marketplaces, aside in the United States and Japan. It featured a non automatic choke with three locations along with a two-barrel carburetor. Automatic firearms had five less horsepower.

1980 saw the debut of the CVCC II engine which applied the utilization of a catalytic converter and various other refinements that enhanced driveability, the Prelude additionally got a light facelift in 1981. Transmission options were either the typical five-speed manual or initially a two-rate Hondamatic semiautomatic, which by October 1979 was replaced by means of a three-speed automatic firearm that used the final equipment as the overdrive. As well as the conventional materials offered in the majority of versions, an Executive alternative was offered in certain markets which added power steering and Connolly leather upholstery. Honda used a single essential gauge cluster layout in this automobile which housed the speedometer and tachometer in one combined unit where both devices needles crossed along exactly the same arc. Additionally they put the streamlined AM/FM radio unit up high next to the gauge cluster. The Prelude featured intermittent wipers, tinted glass, as well as a remote trunk release. There was a convertible version introduced by a Santa Ana California firm named Solaire. Less than 100 were thought to be converted when new and the two were sold through Honda car dealers with complete factory warranty coverage.

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